Our Team


Robyn Thurecht

Robyn believes everyone is creative – they just need the time, the space and the encouragement to create. Teaching art and art-related subjects over the past 20 years, Robyn founded artKids with a focus on building kids’ skills and confidence in creativity while insisting on an element of fun at all times. She loves that there is no one ‘right’ way to draw or create. As a writer in a previous life, Robyn also encourages the children to develop the story behind what they draw on their page. She lives by the statement: “There are no flops in art, only flopportunities!”



Jenna Poore

Jenna spent many years as a K-2 specialist teacher in ACT public schools before deciding to make art her passion. She completed her Degree in Fine Arts (Drawing and Print Media) at the ANU, and both teaches and plans our Term programs. Passionate about art for all ages, Jenna created our year-long artTots process art program for 3 – 5-year-olds which has become increasingly popular with grandparents looking for a bonding activity with grandkids and Early Education Centre as part of their art incursions. Jenna is currently on Maternity Leave with our very own first artBaby.


03 Heidi 2023 head&shoulders

Heidi Dreyer

Heidi started with artKids a year ago, bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and skills in business management. Her passion for art and teaching kids snuck up on her and she is now one of our student’s favourite Tutors. Heidi not only has a passion for art but for animals. She loves marathon riding her horses and, to keep them company, she has inherited llamas, sheep, dogs and chickens. Her favourite art mediums are charcoal and chalk pastels as “they are so forgiving.” She embraces flopportunities!

04 Libby 2023 head&shoulders

Libby Gerner

Libby is both teacher and artist, and comes to artKids with a bag full of life skills and experiences that she loves to share with her classes. She enjoys the process of breaking instructions down to students to scaffold their learning in a way that suits their own style. Libby encourages her students to be proud of their unique and individual art making. While spending time at home among her chooks, dogs and sheep, Libby enjoys ‘pottering’ in her studio, creating whatever inspires her in the moment – collage, watercolour, abstract acrylic painting or dancing.

05 Christian 2023 head&shoulders

Lillian Fearn

Lillian is both an artist and teacher. She comes from a dance and performing arts background. She completed her Advanced Diploma in Elite Dance with the Sydney Dance Company in 2022 and then spent time as a freelance artist and professional dancer. Lillian believes art should be enjoyable and accessible to all. She feels that art expressed in many forms is a wonderful opportunity to develop skills, to be reflective and to explore.  “Art helps us to connect to ourselves and the world around us.” She encourages students to be bold and adventurous when it comes to art making.  


Wita Puspita

A recent addition to the artKids Team, Wita has a background in not only graphic design but baking! Seizing an opportunity during Covid, Wita started her own baking-from-home business to supplement her gorgeous graphics. She loves the Kawaii style of drawing, creating planners and stickers to help everyone stay organised in style. More recently, she has returned to her first love, Manga, and teaches our very popular Saturday Anime/Cartooning classes. As a mother too, Wita enjoys pursuing her love of all things art with her son – and is learning more about Pokemon than she ever thought she would!

04 Libby 2023 head&shoulders

Mavis Wong

Mavis comes to work with artKids from an eclectic career background – accountant, seasonal lifestyle & family photographer, and watercolour artist! A mother of two boys, Mavis feels she now draws way more vehicles, robots, monsters and Pokémon than she ever did in her ‘Before Boys’ life. She loves journaling, trying new food, discovering new places, and is excited to be working with artKids to explore new art mediums and techniques. 

 Apart from getting to indulge her love of art, Mavis is a strong believer in exposing kids to art at a young age. “I’m passionate about helping young kids in their art journey and I love seeing the joy that art brings into their lives.”

Want to work with us? We are expanding and looking for Art Tutors and Art Assistants. Send your CV with relevant work experience with children and/or teaching to admin@artkidsaustralia.com